What We Do

Throughout the year there are several ways to get involved with Team HOPE;  short-term mission trips to Belize and stateside disaster relief.  We welcome you to join us and experience the JOY of a purpose filled life!

Disaster Relief // During the year we are called to assist with Disaster Relief. These trips involve traveling to areas affected by natural disasters. Previously we have served in communities impacted by Hurricanes, Tornados and most recently Flooding where our community became the mission field. These teams deploy following search and rescue efforts and last approximately one week with minimal costs.

International Missions // Currently we offer short-term mission trips to Belize. This week is spent in Belize City where children are subject to gang activity, child trafficking, prostitution along with villages where water, electricity and bare necessities are considered a luxury. You will make friends for life, never forget what you have witnessed, and return home forever changed.  There is no greater JOY than serving in this capacity!

HOPE CarePoint // Land has been purchased to build the 1st CarePoint in Belize. We have partnered with www.childrenscup.org to minister to inner-city children in Belize City.  By nourishing these children physically and spiritually, they find HOPE through Jesus Christ and can become world changers.

Community Service // We are always in pursuit of opportunities to make a difference locally. Our service projects evolve throughout the year as we assist those in need and provide support. Several ongoing service areas include meeting specific needs in under-served neighborhoods, packaging Disaster Relief Kits, providing meals, clothing and hygiene items to the homeless.

If you have suggestions or areas where we may get involved and make a difference, please drop us a note on Contact page or email us directly at Info@teamhopemissions.com.