Guatemala: October 2013

Our scouting trip to Guatemala was a huge success!  During our stay the team visited villages where children’s feeding programs had recently begun and a local charity hospital where funds do not exist to pay for lab testing or medications.  This country is a classic case of the “Haves” and “The Have Nots” and the need is tremendous.

One village we visited welcomed us with open arms, we were surrounded with love and this is a community where the Police do not even respond to. Immediately following the “Bread of Life” message we distributed beans and rice gift bags to the families who struggle for bare necessities;  who were willing to stand in the blistering sun for hours just to receive 3 pounds of beans and 3 pounds of rice along with scripture reference cards. In addition to the staples, moms were given cloth diapers and we had a feeding program for the children, who were given new t-shirts, pillowcase dresses for the girls, salvation dolls and candy.

At the hospital, it happened to be “Patient Appreciation Day”;  perfect timing as we carted the tubs of donations on gurneys, visiting patients and giving everyone a gift of scripture reference cards, pillowcase dresses and new t-shirts.

We are excited for this new opportunity and anticipating our next journey to Guatemala!

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